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Benefits of White Tea and Top 3 White Tea Reviews

Benefits of White Tea and Top 3 White Tea Reviews

White tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and many of the studies have proven that the benefits of white tea are healthy and also impressive. It reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and also the most important factor to consider is it removes the bad cholesterol by helping in weight loss.

Tips to follow while buying white tea:

White tea differs from green and black tea. Even its taste and appearance will be varying from normal tea. So if you have an idea to buy a white tea then here are the 5 steps to follow;

  1. Check whether you are buying the right one, as there is a similar kind of tea called Pekoe tea that resembles a white tea. This imitated tea variety is marketed all over the world as white tea
  2. Don’t buy the white tea if you are getting it for a cheaper price. In some areas, instead of selling white tea people are selling the cross between white, green, and black tea. As it is available at cheaper price people are preferring it, but the manufacturing process is not the same as white tea
  3. Low-Grade white tea is also started to sell in the market. White tea that has less quality and benefits is selling in the market. Drinking such white tea doesn’t provide any benefits to your body
  4. The white tea is found out by the appearance and there are other tea varieties that are processed in a simpler way and also undergo fermentation. Those tea varieties can be found from their colors
  5. White tea can also found out from their smell and taste, as white tea doesn’t have any fermented taste or hay smell. So before buying you can also taste it

Even though white tea comes under the category of tea, it is unique and that can be identified from its taste and aroma. Also, white tea offers a lot of benefits when compared to the other tea varieties and the processing of white tea also differs. So, while buying a white tea check whether the tea satisfies all these requirements.

Benefits of White Tea – Top 3 Reviews

Teamonk Aroha White Tea:

Teamonk Aroha White tea is obtained from the tea leaves that are young and fresh and the bud that has a silvery-white hue. These leaves will undergo the least processing, dried, and are processed naturally.

These leaves are found in the Middle Himalayan Mountains overlooking the Kangra Valley. Most people prefer this tea because of its excellent flavor, and its soothing taste. This white tea is rich in antioxidants that help to increase immunity.

The aroma of the white tea is vegetal; and the taste is clean and crisp which ends with soft tropical fruit notes. The appearance of the tea color is bright yellow. The caffeine is medium and it can be consumed any time of the day.

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  1. In a cup of hot water, put teabag or loose tea
  2. Pour hot water and brew for 4 minutes, not more than that

If you want to consume iced tea, after the brewing process the tea is allowed to cool and pour in a glass of ice.


  • It combines the benefits of both green and black tea, so it boosts immunity and also helps for the healthier skin
  • It improves alertness and also helps to feel fresh

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The Teabox Himalayan Darjeeling white tea is the world’s first natural nitrogen-flushed teabags. The tea comes in tea bags and it has high freshness packed inside when compared to the other white tea. The tea comes in different types; lightly floral bit creamy, and smooth textured.

The aroma of the tea is toasted cereal and woody; and the appearance will be champagne. The taste of the tea is brisk and smooth, and it has a sweet note of toasted cereal and dried flowers are seen at the end.

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The teas are perfectly sealed and the teas are sealed within the 48 hours of harvest so that the freshness of the tea can be maintained. The tea is becoming special as it is enriched with a fresh floral aroma and a silky texture. The flavor has a high content of lime and herbs. The tea can be preferred with a light snack. The tea is also certified by USDA Organic, Organic India, and Food Safety.


  1. Pour hot water into a cup
  2. Dip the tea bag in the hot water and steep for a few minutes. The steeping time should not exceed 4 minutes
  3. Remove the tea bag and enjoy the hot tea


The Vahdam Imperial Himalayan white tea is an autumn white tea and it has a mellow and sweet flavor. It is manufactured from the Himalayan Foothills and these kinds of tea leaves will be cultivated in the high elevation tea estates. The teas are processed in such a way that it should be fresh and light-oxidized.

The tea has a unique flavor and also the appearance of the tea will be in bright gold and the tea has a sweet taste with a long sensational finish.


  1. Place the tea bag in a cup and pour hot water
  2. The teabag should steep for 4 to 5 minutes and not more than that
  3. In a 200ml of water, you can add one tea bag

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  • The tea is loaded with nutritional benefits and has a greater aroma
  • The tea leaves are full- leaf and it is better in infusion
  • Fully flavored tea and unmatched taste and quality


  • It is rich in antioxidant properties, that will helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals
  • It removes the bad cholesterol and helps in losing weight
  • It promotes healthy skin and also helps in protecting your teeth from bacteria

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