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Best Green Tea Brand in India – Top 3 Brands

Best Green Tea Brand in India – Top 3 Brands

Being a staple drink for the majority of the world population, green tea has been considered as one of the most preferred nutritional beverages. When consumed without sugar, green tea does not contain any calories. If you are not aware of the benefits of green tea, read this short write-up to understand better about the best green tea brand from India.

Top 3 Best Green Tea Brand in India

When it comes to breakfast, Indian teas dominate their presence in all parts of the world. India has a great reputation for producing the world’s finest quality of blends in a vast variety of products. Let us look at some of the top brands of Indian teas which include a few of the best green tea brand manufacturers like Organic India, Tetley, and Lipton.

Organic India

Organic India is well known for providing genuine True Wellness products. It coordinates with farmers and tea plantations to bring several products that promote the health and wellness of the consumers. Organic India is the first company in the world to bring the sacred Tulsi green teas. Besides offering a wide range of health benefits, these Tulsi green teas have been revered as a sacred herb which is also known as Holy Basil. Being a ‘queen of herbs’ this tea is not only provided good taste but also enhances energy as well as boosts the immune system. This nutrient-rich tea is available in tea-bags as well as in the loose-leaf form


Known to be one of the most trusted green tea companies, Lipton was earlier focused on the traditional tea market. Now it makes the famous green tea bags that have a pleasant aroma that make the drinkers have energy all the time in a day. By making high-quality tea products, Lipton has always maintained its goal of customer satisfaction to higher levels. Lipton tea in any form always contains powerful ingredients. Every tea product of Lipton always makes noise with its super quality. Lipton’s teas are not only trustworthy but also a must-try brand in India.


Being one of the most popular Indian tea brands, Tetley has captured the Indian market in a short period of time. The brand offers tea products with various combinations of tastes like Honey, Cinnamon, Citrus, Ginger, Lemon, and so on. As per experts from the industry, the Aloe Vera variety removed the toxins from the body. This green tea brand is also known for adding glow to the skin, while Cinnamon provides a perfect relaxation after a tiring day. The factor of low-cost makes this grand popular among many tea lovers across the country.

A few reviews about Indian green tea:

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic - 25 Tea Bags

If you have never tasted any tea products and wish to have a try during your vacation, do not miss to taste this amazing Tulsi Green Tea Classic from Organic India. This tea product has natural herbs that are good for health.  According to the medical experts that the combination of Tulsi and Green Tea works well in controlling excess body weight as it promotes a sound and healthy metabolism. Also, the large presence of antioxidants helps to remove the damaging free radicals in the body. More importantly, this wonderful combination refreshes the mind and offers a great taste to the taste buds as well.

buyonamazon5 (1)

Besides improving the immune system stronger, Tulsi Green Tea Classic also enhances the efficiency of your digestive system and eliminates the toxins in a natural way which is known to be the safest way to detoxify your body. You can buy Tulsi Green Tea Classic online and most reputed online stores make free shipping. This tea product from famous Organic India comes with a package of 25 tea bags. These bags are paper materials imported from Germany. If you need a sweet taste, you can add a little honey to avoid its naturally bitter taste.

Tetley Green Tea Reviving Mango

Tetley Green Tea Reviving Mango

Tetley Green Tea is considered to be one of the most preferred green teas in India. Tea lovers drink this wonderful tea to get freshness after a tiring day. When it comes to relaxation, this tea offers the best relaxing feeling for the consumers. As per experts in the industry, this brand is well suited to offer a few minute’s vacations on a busy day.  More than its wonderful taste, this Tetley Green Tea is cost-effective, tasty as well as healthy and hence loved by a large section of people across India.

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Besides a hectic competition, Tetley Green Tea has never suffered a threat in the market as it always offers the best value for the money. Its lovely combination of vital ingredients makes this product a worthy buy, for Indian tea lovers. It comes in different flavors like honey, lemon, and mango, and so on. This tea product is also available in the tea-bag form. In general, this brand is well known for enhancing the immunity system of the body and hence recommended by medical experts. People who are suffering from flu and cold can drink this tea to get immediate relief. Hence, this tea is popular in hill stations.

Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Tulsi Green tea comes with a pack of 100gms. It is made with natural and healthy tea leaves and if you are a tea lover, you should not miss tasting this wonderful tea from the reputed Indian manufacturer. People who prefer organic tea can always go for this amazing tea product which is sold after a thorough check at the factory level for its quality, hygiene, and tight packaging.  As indicated by the company, this tea contains a small amount of caffeine which has fat-reduction properties.

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According to medical experts, this Tulsi Green tea is recommended for people who wish to reduce their body weight. This is the right beverage for individuals who are having weight-loss goals. More importantly, this product reduces the stress levels to a great extent and is also helps to reduce kidney stones.  Many reputed online stores deal with this product and offer free shipping within India. Most of the features of this beverage make this tea irresistible to any health-conscious individual.

That being said about the best green tea brand from India, it is essential for you as well as other tea lovers to search for healthy Indian tea brands, so that you can enjoy and experience the best qualities of tea available both online as well as in traditional stores. Once you have started tasting these wonderful tea products, it will not be a wonder that you become a tea lover and even an addict.

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