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Black Tea Benefits – Top 3 Reviews and Buying Guide

Black Tea Benefits – Top 3 Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are a tea lover from the West, do not miss reading this review that talks more about the black tea benefits as well as some of the popular tea products from Assam and its neighborhoods. Being a consumer and drinker of black tea, you will surely find these reviews interesting.

Black Tea Benefits and Buying Guide

Having read some of the reviews about a few popular tea products from Assam, it is time to look for the black tea benefits in order to understand how much this great tea product can help your wellness.

Cardio Health:  Since black tea has abundant anti-oxidants, it prevents any damage that can occur in the bloodstream. Thus it reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Drinking black tea also enhances coronary vasodilatation and thereby reduces clots.

Prevention of Cancer: As per medical experts, the presence of polyphenols in black tea eliminates the formation of dangerous carcinogens in the body. Studies confirm that the TF-2 compound present in the tea induces the cancer cells to reach apoptosis, which is programmed to kill the cancer cells.

Brain & Nervous System:  Since black tea contains a lower amount of caffeine, it ensures a better blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart. This condition helps the drinkers to stay focused and also to concentrate in their activities.  The presence of amino-acid L-theanine offers good relaxation and improves concentration.

Slow down the aging process: Drinking black tea can keep the aging signs at bay. Researchers have found that black tea lovers appear younger and fresher than their biological age. This is mainly due to the presence of antioxidants that reverse the cellular damage as it can combat all the free radicals in the human body.

Glowing skin: Perhaps this is one of the benefits of drinking black tea. Besides reducing the process of aging, the antioxidants present in the tea makes the skin to glow healthier. Interestingly, this fact is less known even to tea lovers.

Tips for buying black tea products

When it comes to the quality and character of black tea, its production varies according to the suppliers.

Hand-crafted tea leaves: If you love quality tea and not price-conscious, it is wise to go for the hand-crafter leaf. Here you can even choose the taste of chocolate and caramel or even highly floral. These black tea benefits can surely protect your health in many ways.

On the other hand, cheaper varieties generally taste bitter and many may not like its flavor. It is better to go for teal leaves instead of direct tea powder. In fact, the original aroma gets diluted when the black tea leaves undergo pressure during the powdering process.

Check for the tight package: When it comes to the retention of the aroma of black tea, the aspect of packing is considered important. Always buy black tea whether leaves or powdered, which is perfectly packed to keep the original flavor intact.

Look for the origin: It is always wise to check the origin of the black tea which is printed on the label on the top of the packing. Bleak tea plants are grown only in countries like China, India, Ceylon, Nepal, East Africa, and South East Asia.

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Top 3 Reviews

Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea

Be aware of the benefits of drinking black tea and its review

If you are a connoisseur of tea, you should not miss drinking this wonderful Octavius Classic Assam tea. Created by a pleasant tea strain picked from the leaf buds from the tea gardens of Assam, this amazing tea offers some stunning drinking experience for tea lovers across the world.

Interestingly, Octavius Classic Assam tea has a unique ability in transforming the mindset of teal lovers from all parts of the world. This is mainly due to its invulnerability strengthening capabilities that can cause such a shift in the minds of the tea lovers. Also, this unique tea can now be purchased online at an affordable price.

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Besides enjoying this wonderful Octavius Classic Assam tea, you as a consumer make a great difference to the lives of several plantation workers. By drinking this tasty tea, you are also fully filling one of your social responsibilities. Is it not a worthy experience for a social cause?

Octavius KADAK Assam Strong Regular

Be aware of the benefits of drinking black tea and its review

Octavius Kadak Assam Chai is a boon for tea lovers. Being a great vegetarian product, this popular tea from the best tea gardens of Assam is granulated and comes with a neat and hygienic packing done by the expert hands in the industry.

Octavius Kadak Assam Chai adds a different aroma as well as offers a strong robust taste of the famous Indian beverage to your morning teacup. With this tea, you can also prepare the traditional Indian masala tea, which is loved by many tea enthusiasts.

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The rich taste offered by this amazing Assam Chai is preferred by many tea drinkers. In case, if you feel the taste is too strong, you have the option of adding some milk to weaken its strong flavor. Undoubtedly, you can readily drink this beverage as your solid breakfast tea. This tea comes in attractive environment-friendly packing and being sold in many online stores.

Twinings Classic Assam Tea Bags

Be aware of the benefits of drinking black tea and its review

If you are a tea lover and are keen on tasting different varieties of tea, you should never miss drinking Twinings Assam Tea. As a pure vegetarian product, this tea comes from the tea plants which are cultivated near sea-level areas. As a tea lover, you are assured to enjoy every sip of this tea during your breakfast time.

When it comes to the taste, this wonderful Assam tea this family of Twinings has carried its own legacy of passion in making this amazing tea product, which is preferred by a large section of tea lovers across the globe.

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This tea comes with a neat package containing 25 tea bags. To enjoy this fantastic tea, you need to simply add a bag to hot water and allow the flavors to infuse. Then add mink and sugar at your discretion and enjoy the morning breakfast tea.

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