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Do Green Tea Really Helps to Burn Calories

Do Green Tea Really Helps to Burn Calories

There are many options available to lose weight, but green tea will helps to burn more calories than other drinks.

If you are looking for an easy method to reduce body weight, then drinking green tea will be the best option to consider. As it is followed by centuries and also helps to reduce the bodyweight easier and quicker by burning the calories.

ONLYLEAF Detox Kahwa Green Tea:


ONLYLEAF Green tea consists of unbroken whole leaves so that the flavor of the tea will remain to the fullest. The tea leaves are not dried high as it will reduce the anti-oxidants content, so the tea leaves are processed in a way that limits the drying process. The flavor of the tea will provide a warm and spicy taste.

The green tea leaves offer higher quality as it is processed without dust or fanning. The tea is blended and processed with 100% natural ingredients to obtain a tasty green tea with no bitterness.

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  1. In a cup, pour the boiled water
  2. Now you can dip the tea bag and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes or longer


  • The Kahwa green tea consists of anti-oxidants so it will promote the functions like anti-stress and immune-supportive
  • As the tea is loaded with natural ingredients so it will help to fight against the cough and cold. Also, it will increase the stamina and immunity
  • It helps to revitalize the body and also enhances the respiratory functions
  • The tea is a perfect combination of Indian herbs and spices so the tea will act as a detox drink

Apsara Tea Kahwa Green Detox Tea:


Apsara Kahwa green tea is a tradition that is processed by the perfect blend of exotic spices and aromatics such as Cardamominger and Saffron. It is considered a detoxification drink for your body.

The tea can be consumed during any time of the day and it is preferable to drink in the morning for better results. The herbs in green tea will allow creating a huge impact on the body when consumed on an empty stomach. Continue consumption of this green tea will provide long-term benefits.


  1. Boil the water and add the green tea leaves
  2. Brew it for few minutes and sip it hot

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  • The main advantages of having Apsara green tea that it lowers the cholesterol level and helps to lose weight
  • The natural ingredient ginger added in the tea will helps to improve digestion and increase the absorption of food. The other ingredient cinnamon also helps to improve immunity and prevent chronic diseases
  • The tea also helps to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation
  • The green tea helps to prevent heart and brain-related diseases and will replenish your mind

Typhoo Pure Natural Green Tea:


Typhoo Natural Green tea is considered one of the best products in the green tea category as it is naturally processed and there are no artificial ingredients added to the tea to enhance the flavor and color.

This green tea consists of a natural and organic ingredient. The tea is rich in anti-oxidant and it is carefully blended with organic ingredients so that there will be a perfect balance between the aroma and taste. For the processing of tea, pure and green tea leaves are selected to uplift the process of freshness.


  1. In boiled water, add the teabag
  2. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes and your green tea is ready
  3. Brewing should not exceed more than 5 minutes as it is better to prefer light

If you want you can add natural sweeteners to enhance the taste and also you can add a dash of lemon.

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  • The tea is rich in catechin so it will act as a refreshing beverage and also this calorie-free drink act as a hydrating agent
  • You can consume the tea during any part of the day to replenish your mind and keep you active and fresh

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5 best tips to reduce burn calories by green tea:

There is a lot of evidence provided and also studies have confirmed that green tea will tend to burn calories in a faster way and also maintains your body to stay fit.

How much green tea to drink

If you consume green tea two to three times daily, then it will lose 100 calories a day. Also, the consumption of green tea will depend on the person’s weight and the natural metabolism process.

How to drink green tea

While preparing green tea, initially let the water boil and afterward add green tea leaves. Let it brew for a few minutes and then you can consume the green tea. Because if you add green tea leaves in the boiling water it will kill the tea’s catechin which is the main element that induces the weight loss process.

Green tea ingredients that induce weight loss

Green tea consists of caffeine in a smaller amount but the impact will be high, as it will aid the process of fat-burning cells. Green tea consists of other compounds like Catechins and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) that will increase the body’s metabolic process so that the weight loss process will occur in a faster way.

The right way to prepare green tea to burn calories

Let the water boil for a few minutes and then turn off the heat. Allow the boiled water to rest for 10 minutes and then pour the water over the green leaves. Let the water and tea leaves brew for a few minutes and then you can remove the tea leaves.

Prefer the right green tea

Green teas are coming with a lot of flavors but drinking plain green tea has a lot of nutritional benefits and also it is considered the best to burn more calories.

Along with drinking green tea, you can also perform other activities like exercises or yoga to enhance the process of burning calories. Also, there are no side effects in drinking green tea and it will provide long-term benefits.

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