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Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Since 1978 Green Tea Girnar has been known to provide world-class teas to its customers. As the years passed by their range of products multiplied but the recipe to awesome tea essence remained the same. Being in a race with changing period they have expanded just from dealing bulk tea to a wide range of branded products including:

  • Teas including green tea Girnar
  • Coffees
  • Bread
  • Biscuits
  • Cookies
  • Spices &
  • Instant F&B (Food & Beverages)

They have won million hearts in India and over 48 foreign countries. They work untiringly to expand their horizons with maintaining excellence in delivering premium quality products to their customers.

With 44 Privilege Outlets, they have connected through distributors and retailers all over India. They too have online portals for quick service to customers as per their convenience.

Under their product range “Chai Chai” is the e-store while going to “My Signature Cup” you can customize the tea according to your taste and preference.

Girnar sticks to their promise of serving quality tea every time.

Benefits Of Green Tea Girnar

Rich Antioxidant Properties

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Rich in antioxidant properties green tea Girnar rejuvenates and detoxifies your body completely. Drinking Green Tea regularly you will see a great transformation in your overall immune system. The benefits it offers are:

  • Speeds up your rate of metabolism
  • Burns your calories
  • Improves your brain function
  • Protects against Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer & Diabetes

Further, it keeps you strong against chilly winters and warms up your body.

Contains Rock Salt

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Rock Salt is high in minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese along with Electrolytes. All these functions together to avoid muscle cramps.

It is also known to treat digestive illnesses including constipation, bloating, vomiting, and stomachache, constipation, and heartburn. Drinking a cup of tea keeps you away from such diseases.

 Goodness of Tulsi (Basil)

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Hindus offer prayers to Tulsi plant for a healthy and peaceful life. Nevertheless, the plant has awesome medicinal properties to improve your overall immune system.

This acts as an anti-stressor and offers aid from painful headaches. Further, it improves your appetite and promotes your digestion.

If anybody in your home is suffering from respiratory problems a cup of this tea proves effective accordingly. It also purifies your blood and regulates insulin within your body.

Spiced Up With Ginger

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

With ginger tea you can enjoy the following health benefits:

  • Nausea
  • Improves Digestion
  • Stomach Ailments
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol

You can also feel relieved from muscle soreness and muscle pains.

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Girnar Green Tea Lemon & Honey (36 Tea Bags)

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

The most promising brand green tea Girnar is all set to lift up your mood with their new arrival. Girnar Green Tea Lemon & Honey is ready to keep your fitness objectives on target.

Enriched with antioxidant properties the Green Tea from Girnar acts as an immunity booster and makes your body strong against flu and cough. Drinking two to three cups every day further prevents your aging. You will be mesmerized to see yourself after a couple of weeks in the mirror for sure.

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Girnar Green Tea Lemon & Honey functions as an immune modulator for your body and assists to:

  • Distress
  • Calm &
  • Soothe your body

It increases your rate of metabolism and controls your weight. So don’t get surprises if you lose a few inches with Green Tea from Girnar. You feel more energized and active all day and more dedicated to your work. The addition of rock salt in the Green Tea acts fruitful to avert muscle cramps.

Easy to prepare: Just put a teabag in a cup and add hot water into it. Infuse the tea bag for nearly (2 to 3) minutes and enjoy the perfect brew. You can add honey or sugar to taste.

The package comprises 36 bags.

Girnar Green Tea with Tulsi (36 Tea Bags)

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

Freshen up your mornings with a cup of Masala flavored Green Tea in the morning. Nope, it is not as regular Green Teas but offers a number of health benefits in a row.

The name Tulsi (Basil) in the caption Girnar Green Tea with Tulsi indicates how it benefits your health. With medicinal properties the Tulsi leaves helps to:

  • Promote Digestion
  • Improve Your Appetite
  • Purifies your Blood &
  • Regulates Insulin

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, Girnar Green Tea with Tulsi acts as an immunity modulator and relaxes your overall system. It keeps you distressed and sets your mood with every sip.

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Moreover, green tea Girnar is good for improved:

  • Rate of Metabolism
  • Weight Loss
  • Prevents Ageing

How you like to have your tea? Well in order to get the perfect cup to take an unfilled cup and put a teabag. Add hot water up to 90°. Then infuse the tea bag for around (2 to 3) minutes. Remove the tea bag and your Green Tea is ready. If you want you can add honey or sugar (as per taste).

Each of these 36 bags vigor your mind and tastes good to your tongue. It keeps you active and changes your mood on a positive note.

Girnar Green Tea Ginger (36 Tea Bags)

Green Tea Girnar – The Best Tea You Can Rely Upon

If you want to change your Green Tea then this is it.

Girnar Green Tea Ginger is a new edition on the list. And you are sure to love the taste and flavor to start your day afresh.

Regular consumption of this tea with ginger makes your body strong against the undesired symptoms of flu and cold. Try out in winters particularly if you are prone to such diseases. It also acts beneficially against muscle soreness and muscle aches.

Girnar Green Tea Ginger is a healthy drink that cheers up your mood every time. And of course, functions effectively for weight loss (good for conscious people). With rich aroma and taste, this tea is just the thing you will desire to have every morning for sure.

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Get your perfect cup with these easy steps of brewing. Into an unfilled cup place in a tea bag and then add hot water. Now infuse the tea bag for about (2 to 3) minutes (or till you get the perfect color). Remove the bag off from your cup. Now add honey or sugar (if you want). You are sure to get lost in thoughts with every cup. The package of green tea Girnar contains 36 bags.

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