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Green Tea Matcha – Ruling the Normal Green Tea

Green Tea Matcha – Ruling the Normal Green Tea

Green tea matcha is not a regular green tea and here are the three best green tea matcha reviews and their buying guide. Everyone will be aware of green tea and its health benefits, but there is one particular tea that is more powerful and tougher than green tea is called Green Tea Matcha. The green tea matcha is obtained by grinding the tea leaf into a fine powder.

Green Tea Matcha – Top 2 Reviews

Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha:


Kimino Organic Matcha is a fine powder and its leaves are processed by a stone mill. The matcha consists of 137 times of anti-oxidant than a normal green tea, and 90 times of beta-carotene than spinach. The matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of normal green tea in terms of nutrients. The matcha tea is 100% organic and also it comes with a sweet aroma.

This type of match powder is highly potent and also has a high quality that will available at a reasonable price. This matcha tea is becoming popular because of its true Japanese flavor that can be obtained in a single cup of tea. It consists of only the natural and organic components and also the texture of the tea powder is smooth and it has a bright green color.

The powder is made from the handpicked leaves and there is no chemical processing rather they preferred the stone ground method so that the natural extracts can be maintained. With this matcha, you can not only make tea but also smoothies, shakes, and also use it as a baking ingredient.


  1. In a 1/3 cup of boiled water, add two spoons of matcha powder
  2. Whisk it well and you can enjoy your matcha tea
  3. If you want you can some more water

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  • The anti-oxidant property of the matcha will act as a metabolic booster and helps to burns calories that will result in weight loss
  • The matcha doesn’t cause stress to your body because of the fat burning process instead it gives a soothing effect that enhances the mood and helps in better concentration
  • The matcha tea will release the caffeine content into your body that will make you feel fresh and active throughout the day and doesn’t provide any side effects like coffee
  • The anti-aging property of the matcha tea will support a healthy and younger skin

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder


Japanese Matcha powder is obtained from the young and green leaves of the tea plant. This tea will be a great source of antioxidants and amino acids. Japanese matcha tea powder 100% naturally processed and organic tea powder with no added other ingredients. Also, matcha is gluten-free and vegan. If you are looking for an international brand or premium flavors then this match tea will be the best option.

This matcha tea powder is used to produce varieties of tea and even you can have iced tea for a refreshing sensation. The specialty of this matcha tea is you are consuming the tea powder rather than drinking its tea-infused water-based tea. This matcha powder is enriched with Japanese flavors. The powder is made into fine by using stone ground and also it is safe to consume as it got tested in Japan.

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  1. Add ½ spoon of matcha powder and some hot water
  2. Whist it well to obtain a liquid paste texture
  3. Now you can add boiled water or milk and enjoy the taste of matcha tea

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  • Japanese matcha tea will give you instant freshness and also helps to keep your mind calm, alert, and focus
  • This matcha tea will act as a detoxify drink where it lowers the cholesterol by promoting weight loss and also boost the metabolism
  • The high amount of caffeine will doesn’t cause any side effects instead it will have unique properties when compared to the caffeine in coffee. It helps to calm your mind and helps to replenish your mind

Buying Guide for Green Tea Matcha:


The quality of the green matcha tea can be found from its label, initially make sure that the product is originated from Japan because the highest quality matcha can be processed from Japan. Also, if you come across any words like “Stone ground”, then it would be a high-grade product. Check whether there is any word called “powdered green tea”, as these kinds of words will be mentioned in the low-quality brand.


The color of the green match powder will be in vibrant green color as it has a higher level of chlorophyll and also it indicates fresh products. The reason for the green color is before harvesting the matcha leave the tea plantation is shaded that will increase the color within the leaves. Dull olive or browner green indicates lesser chlorophyll and it doesn’t come under the high-quality grade.


Sometimes the texture will reveal the original green tea matcha powder as the powder will be very fine and also consists of a small size particle. If you add the powder in a glass of water it will easily get suspended whereas the low-grade matcha powders will be coarse and gritty.


The taste of the green tea matcha will give a perfect balance between the naturally sweet and vegetal grassy taste. The high content of amino acids will give the match a unique flavor and also it should have a slight bitterness. In low-quality matcha, the taste will be highly bitter and metallic because of low amino acid content.


The matcha should contain natural ingredients with no added ingredients like sugar and other substances. These added ingredients will reduce anti-oxidant, amino acid, and nutrient content in the matcha powder.

Green tea matcha is a high-grade powdered green tea and the process of green tea matcha is difficult and expensive. So we can easily end up buying low-quality products, so these few properties will reveal the original green tea matcha. These 5 tips will help you to found those properties, and before buying it you can follow these tips.

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