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How to Make Black Tea – A Simple Indian Recipe

How to Make Black Tea – A Simple Indian Recipe

Black tea is a simple and healthy recipe, but most of them are not aware of the recipe. So this article will help those who ask “how to make black tea?”

When it comes to tea, it has a special place in Indian’s heart as most of them can’t live without tea. There are several varieties of tea but the making of black tea is a quick and instant recipe and has a lot of health benefits.

How to make black tea?


Most Indians will prefer tea with milk and sugar but instead of that one can prefer black tea as adding milk in tea reduces the nutritional value of tea. When compared to milk tea, black tea is very good for health as it helps in weight loss,  cleanses the stomach, and also good for memory.

So making black tea is simple and can be done in a few minutes, so the procedure of black tea is;

  1. Take some water in a pan and add natural sweeteners such as honey or brown sugar to the water. Cook on a medium flame for two minutes and stir the liquid occasionally
  2. When the water reached the boiling point, add some tea leaves. And keep stirring for two minutes
  3. The flavor, taste, and all the goodness of the tea leaves should absorb by the water; so cover it with a lid for two more minutes on a medium flame
  4. After that, strain the tea and enjoy it

Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea:


Chaiology tea is a 100% natural black tea and it is the most expensive tea because of its flavor, aroma, and taste. Nothing can beat the taste of this tea, and when you are making the black tea you shouldn’t add milk instead you can prefer a lemon.

This type of tea leaves is produced in Darjeeling and also the leaves are hand plucked. The leaves of the tea will be the whole leaf and also they are processes naturally without adding any flavor. The color of the tea will be light and clear and also it smells like a floral scent.

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If you are making the Chaiology black tea then in 8 ounces of water adds half a teaspoon of tea leaves. The aroma and taste of the tea will give some relief to your mind and also you can feel fresh after having this tea.

Benefits of Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea:

  • The tea is rich in anti-oxidants and also helps to boost immunity. It is rich in minerals so it increases calmness and mental alertness
  • It also helps to cure cancer and other heart-related diseases
  • It has a high level of polyphenols so the anti-obesity property will be high. So it helps to reduce the cholesterol levels

Twinings Earl Grey Tea:


The Twinings Earl Grey Tea is a blend of fine black tea with a citrusy flavor and also gives you a mild and refreshing flavor. If you want to have some refreshments along with a cup of tasty tea, then this tea will be the best option to choose from.

The teas are handmade and also it is made from the world’s finest gardens. During the blending process, the teas are blended skillfully so that they can give a perfect balance between the aroma and taste.

You can drop the tea bag in a cup of water but the leaves shouldn’t brew for more than 2 minutes so that you will taste the flavor as it is.

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Benefits of Twinings Earl Grey Tea:

  • The tea is considered an energy booster as it contains a safe quantity of caffeine and also you can have this tea as it doesn’t cause any side effects. This tea will helps to keep you hydrate and active throughout the day
  • It has hydrating properties so it will help you prevent dehydration. Because it consists of soluble minerals and essential vitamins to get flushed of the body
  • If you are facing any digestive related problems then this tea will bring you the best solution. It helps to relieve constipation and also cure the intestinal infections
  • The most noted benefit of this product is it helps in weight loss. It increases the metabolic process and energy that will promote weight loss

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Teamonk Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea:


The tea is has a high aroma and also tastes good. It comes from the mountains of Nilgiris; where the tea leaf and bud are plucked carefully. Then the leaves are processed by the experienced hands with gentle care and then they are hand-rolled. The tea is processed in a natural way and they have more than 4 decades of experience.

The color of the tea will be light orange and yellow in color and the aroma will be Muscatel. When it comes to taste it is peerless and also it offers a lot of benefits to your body and mind.

You can prefer this tea in a hot or cold state. For hot tea, put the tea in a glass and pour hot water. Brew it for 3 minutes and not more than that. If you love cold tea, then after brewing allows the tea to get cool and pour a glass full of ice. The best time to have this tea is morning and evening.

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Benefits of Teamonk Black Tea:

  • This tea is packed with a lot of energy ingredients so you can prefer this tea that will increase your energy level and keep you active throughout the day
  • The processing of tea is 100% natural and there are no ingredients added to the tea. Even the tea has no added oils, no added aroma, and no added artificial essence
  • It will replenish your mind and also helps you to stay calm. Prefer this tea in the early morning to have peace of mind

So, the process of making black tea is simple but it is effective. If you prefer tea frequently, then adapt to black tea as it will help to replenish your mind.

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